Candidates who have military backgrounds possess the skill sets and personal characteristics that Corporate America wants and needs. They have great leadership ability, initiative, and self-discipline. They have received an excellent education and have been well-trained. They are prime candidates for positions requiring security clearances, and are highly diverse with regard to gender and ethnicity.

At Franchise Biz Experts, our job is to assist you in navigating the myriad of franchise possibilities available. This encompasses helping you select the industry model that is right for you and then narrowing to those choices that fit your financial capability. We will verify that your territory is available, prepare a short profile on you and submit it to the corporate office. We then arrange a conference call with the franchisor representative so you can get all your questions answered.

Franchise BIZ Experts bring five, unequaled differentiators to veterans:


Affiliated with world’s largest franchise brokerage network


They work with more than 500 franchises in 275+ industry categories, which means more listings for veterans than all the other franchise consulting companies combined, assuring there are more choices than with conventional broker consultants.


They use a proprietary, confidential Profile Consultation Questionnaire to better define the proper franchise match for particular veteran circumstances.


Their professional services are provided to veterans at NO cost or obligation.


They have multiple sources of funding to assist veterans in their franchise acquisition, including a proprietary funding source.

Proprietary Veteran Funding Program

  • Waived up-front application fee
  • Funding sources through military banks
  • Up to $150,000 of funding approvals
  • 0% interest rate with a FICO credit score over 700

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