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"I participated in the ConnectVETS New Mission program that helps veterans become gainfully employed. I've applied all of the tools available. The website WORKS! I am now with a new company and am working my butt off. I just want to say that you've done wonders. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for all of that great advise. Thank you for letting this veteran get a JOB!


"Thank you!"


William S. (Chicago, IL)



"The ConnectVETS New Mission program really works. Before I enrolled in it, I had been looking for a job for about four months. Less than one month after I signed up for New Mission, I'm excited to announce that I just accepted a new position. I appreciate all the help, support and advice.


"I found New Mission to be significantly more valuable than the outplacement firm provided free by my previous employer. Specifically, your resume advice, interview advice and overall strategy was far superior in both depth and approach.


"I also wanted to let you know I purchased the program as a gift for my friend who had been relying primarily on the 'free' job search tips offered on-line. He immediately found unique, actionable ideas, adapted his strategy, and expects a job offer within weeks.


"For me, New Mission allowed me to differentiate myself from the thousands of competitors and ultimately land an ideal position. The lessons I learned not only helped me land the job, but they will be invaluable throughout the rest of my career."


Will L. (Guilford, CT)


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The New Mission curriculum is a partnership between ConnectVETS and The Careers College