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New Mission Online Learning Modules

Welcome to your New Mission: your on-demand, job search education and career resource center. This career services portal powered by The Careers College consists of a blend of online educational learning modules, job search tools and complementary career resources to help you navigate the job search process to land the ideal job. The following contains the learning modules that are part of your New Mission:

  • LM 1: Building Confidence
  • LM 2: Exploring Career Options
  • LM 3: Marketing Your Skills (résumés, cover letters, social media + more)
  • LM 4: Conducting the Job Search (networking + more)
  • LM 5: Preparing for Job Interviews
  • LM 6: Interviewing to Win
  • LM 7: Following Up (after the interview)
  • LM 8: Negotiating the Best Deal
  • LM 9: Starting Right (on the new job)


Each learning module teaches an important step in the job search process, and includes:


New Mission Modules


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The New Mission curriculum is a partnership between ConnectVETS and The Careers College