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CNC Manufacturing Program

Computerized Manufacturing Program from Choice Career CollegeChoice Career College (CCC) offers CNC manufacturing training as part of their Computerized Manufacturing Diploma program. The program consists of 42 semester hours and can be completed in less than one year.


The Computerized Manufacturing Diploma program consists of three terms:


  • Term 1: students are taught English, Mathematics, Blueprint Reading, Machine Processes, and Measuring (GD&T)
  • Term 2: students are taught CNC setup, programming, and operations
  • Term 3: students are taught advanced G-Code applications


Besides textbooks and other course material, students use ToolingU as part of their learning environment. ToolingU is on CCC's computer labs and consists of lessons that assist the instructor in teaching students blueprint reading, machine shop processes, measuring, CNC setup, programming and operations. Students are assigned access to the ToolingU software and will use it throughout the program.


CCC is a FANUC Certified Education Training Facility. The certification means that CCC's CNC curriculum has been approved by FANUC and all CCC instructors are FANUC certified. Further, all CNC equipment used for training must be taught using FANUC controllers.


The CNC program requires students to take assignments, define their stock, specify tooling requirements, and create their NC program by writing the program manually and by using CAM software. The NC program is then edited using NCGuide and Vericut. Once the NC program is edited, students load their program into controllers and run their program on actual CNC milling and turning centers. Students are taught how to machine efficiently, increase productivity, improve their part quality, reduce machine wear, and avoid machine crashes. Students also learn how to operate milling and turning centers.


In addition, students are required to convert FANUC programs to program code for other machining and turning centers. Students write the code manually and produce it through CAM software. The program is then tested on simulation software as well as verifying program optimization using Vericut.


All students accepted by CCC must have a high school diploma or a valid GED. Students must also take a mathematics and English entrance exam to ensure that they can master the CNC program. Each course that the student takes has outcomes that the student must master. Outcomes are measured by assignments (both written and oral), quizzes, mid-term and final exams. Students must pass a comprehensive exam at the end of the program and take and pass the FANUC certification exam. Likewise, students must also pass the NIMS Level 1 Operator exam for machining and turning centers.


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