COR Consulting Services

ConnectVETS COR Consulting Services will help you easily Connect, successfully Onboard and achieve long-term talent Retention to meet your veteran talent acquisition goals.

Retained COR Consulting Services include, but are not limited to:

Management Consultation: Baseline Discovery & SWOT Analysis

ConnectVETS will meet with your leadership and hiring managers to have a clear understanding of the overall objectives, specific needs and requirements for positions being recruited so ConnectVETS can facilitate successful meeting objectives.

COR Connect: Talent Pipeline

ConnectVETS will develop and fill a talent pipeline for your current and projected job requisitions.

COR Onboard: Pre-Screening of Qualified Candidates

ConnectVETS will collaborate with client to develop the pre-screening process that facilitates client objectives, i.e. reduced internal HR resources, shorten time to hire, processing of credits, etc.

COR Retention: Retention = $$$ to the Bottom Line & Measurement

ConnectVETS will engage with client to measure retention rates, recognizing that retention rates vary for a myriad of factors, some of which can be controlled, some not. A baseline pre-assessment is required or ConnectVETS will use first year data to establish the baseline.

The ConnectVETS Advantage

A typical retained search firm would charge you $10,000 or more per $40,000 year new hire. To staff a full-time professional with equivalent experience, education, industry knowledge and skills of our consulting team, would cost well over $120,000 per year. Choosing to partner with ConnectVETS = High Value, lower costs.


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